Drifting Away

by Ticking Time Bomb

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released February 1, 2016

Ticking Time Bomb is:

Jose Alberto Delgado: Drums, vocals
Jason Moreno: Vocals, guitar
Adrian Young: Bass, guitar and backing vocals

Additional Musicians:

Alfonso Araya: Cello on Miss You
Ricardo Arias: Backing vocals on Relentless
Mario Brenes: Keyboards on Miss You
Roberto Cascante: Vocals on Drifting Away
Hellen Cubero: Backing vocals on Miss You
Guillermo Garcia Salas: Guitar
Marcos Monnerat: Backing vocals, guitar

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Marcos Monnerat
Artwork by Kenneth Medina and Fede Salas
Illustration by Nestor Gonzalez
All Music by Ticking Time Bomb
All Words by Jason Moreno



all rights reserved


Ticking Time Bomb San Jose, Costa Rica

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Track Name: Going Off The Deep End
I lost control, I lost it all
I gave you all, I had your back
I will give in, I won't fight back
You know what

Fuck this shit
I'm tired of being unheard
Fuck this shit
Let's pull the plug
Fuck this shit
I'm done taking hits
Fuck this shit
I call it quits

I'm going off the deep end
I am hanging by a thread
Thinking of those words you said
I can't get them out of my head
Nothing's what it seems
It never was, it never will be
All is turning red
Desperation is haunting me
And all I ask is why?

Now I guess this is goodbye
Track Name: Relentless
I felt your lust
I've touched the glory
I've lost your trust
I have things to bury

So I'm leaving town
In a hurry
Don't ask when or how
Just don't you worry

I am leaving now
In a fucking hurry
I won't stand my ground
Don't you worry

I've lost my rights
But I wouldn't think twice
I'll do it all again
I might be wrong I could be right
I will just roll the dice
Over and over again

And you, you were always there
I put you through hell, I didn't care
Nothing stopped you, were never scared
And me, well I will dare
To go back to that time again
Go back to that time once again.
Track Name: Drifting Away
That spark in your eyes is gone
It's hard to realize it's done
I'm sorry I've been so distant
And I know I took you for granted

I'm drifting away
I barely know my name
I am just losing my way
I am no longer sane

How did we get to this?
When did it all go wrong?
Hit the brakes make a u turn
Or is it too late? it's too fucking late

And I wanna tell you
So many things
That I've been keeping inside
But you're no longer here
Track Name: Choices
It's hard to see the light
When you're six feet underground
It's even harder to feel alive
When you're home safe and sound

So stop counting the days
And just look for better ways
To enjoy your stay
Lets fucking start today

It's make or break
Give or take
It's all at stake
There's no escape

It's make or break
Give or take
It's all at stake
Make no mistakes

The choice is only yours
Burn it all down to the core
Or swim to shore
The choice is only yours
Track Name: No Return
You came back to mess with my head
Now I'm better off dead
Why did you have to show up?
And right now to make it all blow up

This constant struggle
Is killing me
Can't wait for tomorrow
I beg you please

This is the point of no return
So long it sure has been fun
I know I left things undone
But in the end I chose the gun
Track Name: Not Alone
You feel like you're drowning
You just wanna give up
But don't you surrender
You are not on your own

And always remember
All those things that I said
For now and forever
I will hold your hand

Even when the times get hard
I won't be that far

I know that you feel lost
Well I've been there before
Somedays won't be easy
But you are not alone

Now all is unwinding
You got your new start
And you keep on surving
Against all odds

I'm here to remind you
A friend you've got in me
Apart or together
You'll always be in my heart
Track Name: Here I Am
Here I am again
Trying to make amends
Cause my broken promises
Have gotten out of hand

I know you won't forgive me
But I sure will try
Cause living without you
Well I'd rather just die

No, I just don't
Know when I will change
Or even if that is possible
Is it possible?

But please don't walk away
I will find the way
To fix this day
And make you stay

Just listen to what I have to say
I swear it won't take all day
Now it all seems so grey
But the sun will shine again someday
Track Name: Say
It's sad to say but it's not the same
Not having you by my side
But I know someday you'll be just a memory
And that will be just fine
But hey don't get upset there's nothing you can do
That's just life and there is nothing you can do

You wake up everyday the same old shit
Hating everything
Just one bump, one quick fix
Then you're off to work
You're nagging every step that you take
Just thinking of who is there
Who is there to blame

You're there nine to five
Till the day you fucking die

You have a say in what you want today
You have a say come on, lets go
You have a say in what you want today
And every single day
You have a say in what you need today
You have a say come on, lets go
You have a say in what you need today
And every fucking day

This life is yours to take
This life is yours to make
This life is yours to break
This life is yours to make
Track Name: Wait
No happy endings
There's nothing to see
But don't lose your hope
And be all you can be

Cause the day will come
To prove yourself
Just remain calm and wait

You turned your back
When I needed you the most
When I thought that all was lost
And you just acted like a ghost

But now you're telling me
That you want a second chance
That you miss our sweet romance

So the day will come
To prove yourself
Just remain calm and wait.
Track Name: Barely Alive
Times are rough it's getting tough
You're tired of counting scars
You are living on the edge
No way you're getting far

Nothing more, nothing less
Nothing to expect
So don't do anything
And live full of regrets

Spinning out of control
Just trying to find the door
Lights are going out
I am gonna fall
Nothing's making sense
You are fucking tense
I think it's all in my head

Close your eyes, open them
Watch your life fly by
Is this what you want?
Please tell me why

All is lost, at what cost?
Did you do this to survive?
Cause I'll tell you something
You are barely alive
Track Name: Wasted
No, I can't seem to fight the feelings
That torture me deep inside
I thought it would change if I did right
But I just can't shake it off no not this time

The clock is always ticking
Right now it's a quarter till two
Stop with all the dissing
Or it will take a toll on you

And hell is closer than what I had in mind
But for you it's all fine
And no don't get me wrong
I'm just not strong enough to make it out alive

The clock is always ticking
Right now it's a quarter till two
Stop with all the dissing
Or it will take a toll on you
Track Name: Miss You
Cause in the end
I knew you only wanted to help
I feel so down
I never gave you a chance

And now you're gone
I can barely stand
And what is left?
Your scent on this floral dress

Please just wake me up
Tell me this is a dream
This is really messed up
I just wanna scream

Cause I'm all torn up
What won't I do
To see you tonight
I'm bummed out
So many words left unsaid

And I'm all torn up
What won't I give
To kiss you goodnight
I'm worn out
All I do is miss you

I knew it all along
So I guess to pretend was wrong
I feel so dumb
I never gave you a chance

Now you're gone
And I don't understand
What is left?
Just me and my fucking mess

Please just wake me up
Tell me this is a dream
I'm so damned stressed out
I just wanna scream